Thursday, December 3, 2009

Open letter to Angus

I was browsing over at the Perth section at and found this comment:

"Angus James

Dear Polo enthusiate, I did not realize that bike polo was being played in Perth, i play polo on horses back and have watched Bike polo in Argentina.

I would love to come and watch a match being played and would like to invite you to come to one of our horse back polo matches being played if you are interested…

Kind Regards Angus James 0427172568 "

Thanks Angus,

We play weekly on Sundays at the top floor of the Colonnade Carpark in Subiaco. Its on Hay Street and opposite Nandos. See map here. We usually meet up at 3pm and play till around 8pm Feel free to come and watch our games any time, I'm sure we could lend you a bike too if you were keen on playing!

I'd definitely be interested in watching horse polo sometime.



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