Thursday, March 8, 2012

Media Release

Bike Polo Championships
This fast paced adrenaline-charged sport is only for the brave, and attracts unique characters on and off the field. Armed with mallets, six riders sprint around a basketball court chasing a hard plastic ball. No foot-downs are allowed, contact is mallet-on-mallet and bike-on-bike, and the highest scoring team after 10 minutes of play wins.
The event coincides with Bike Week.
Spectators will have the opportunity to view games on both days. The final will be held late in the afternoon on the Sunday, and always proves to be very exciting.

Nicholas Deeks
Perth Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Incorporated

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australasian Hardcourt Championships 2012


“While Perth used to be characterised as rather dull, a resources boom has seen Perth blossom like WA’s wildflowers in spring. Today it’s a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with myriad bars, restaurants and cultural activities all vying for attention. But the best bit is that when you want to chill out, Perth’s pristine parkland and beaches allow the population to spread out and enjoy what’s on offer. After all, we are talking about a city that has its own dedicated dog beach…”

Its own dog beach you say! Well that is amazing, thanks Lonely Planet’s Guide to Perth. Other than these fantastic things, Perth has something better and significantly more exciting to offer in 2012, the Australasian Bike Polo Championships. So for all those making the trek west in search of glory and wenches take a gander at what Perth has to offer.

Things To Do:
NOTHING................................except the following

Sleep, drink, polo,drink,polo,eat,polo,drink,drink,sleep repeat x2

Eats & Drinks
If none of the following suggestions take your fancy, the CBD has numerous places and simply by riding down the main drag of St George Terrace or through the Murray and Hay Street malls there are many places to eat and drink.

Whilst at the courts there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat in within a 5 minute ride away. However bear in mind that many of these places are fast food such as McDonalds and KFC, however, just down Albany highway in Victoria Park there are plenty of lunch bars and places to get food. See the inset map for local food locations.
Don’t forget the sausage sizzle on Sunday 25th. No need to go scavenging for some food! Nothing better than a sausage in a bun...

Dinner and Beers
The Flying Scotsman, 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
Good cheap food and beer. Every Sunday night is $10 pizza and pint night. Located 5 min bike ride from the Perth CBD and only 10-15 min from the courts themselves. A local hangout for the PCP regulars. Not only is this a great pub but on Saturdays at 11pm the lady of the fountain spouts copious amounts of beer from her nipples for all those who pay her a visit.
The Broken Hill, 314 Albany Highway, Victoria Park
One of the best steak sandwiches I’ve ever had however can be a little pricey at $20 for a meal. But overall not too bad. They have a good range of beers at reasonable prices. They have a large garden bar area, perfect for large groups of people.

There are a few local bottle shops a short ride away down the famous solid gold roads of Perth. The BWS located at 241 Canning Highway, Como have a good range, however there is a large Vintage Cellars located at 298 Millpoint Road, so there are multiple options.

Vegetarian/Vegan Options
Unfortunately ever since the mad-carrot disease of 1969 there has been little to no vegetables in the city of Perth and as such Perth is strictly a meat only town. The locals rely on the grass and gum trees of the local parks in order to get their 2 fruit and 5 veg, it is encouraged that visitors to the city also do this should they not feel the need to eat the flesh of another animal.

For accommodation try hitting up any backpackers in the city. There are heaps of youth hostel places in the city and around the CBD that have bike racks or enclosed car parks, so locking up bikes shouldn’t be a problem. A quick google search should help you out there. Prices range from about $30-$45 per night.

There are a few places which rent apartments, firstly there is Drake’s apartments which is virtually next to the courts. This could be a very good option, the prices don’t seem too bad with a 3 bedroom apartment for $210 per night so for ~6 people that’s about $35 a night for the weekend. And with the added bonus of kitchens and private bathrooms etc. Seems ideal for team “bonding”. The website is here, Similarly try the Metro Inn in South Perth which is also insanely close to the courts.

There are also a few places on the way from the airport. One, the Great Eastern Motor Lodge offers interconnecting units or rooms which can fit up to 4/5 people per room from around 210 per room again. This isn’t too far away from the court. Most likely a 20min ride at the very max.

The Courts:
Very easy to locate. Close to the city (1 km across the Causeway). Check out the map by google mapping, McCallum Park, Victoria Park Western Australia 6100. The courts are located just next to the skate park next to canning highway and are impossible to miss.
Very easy to locate. Close to the city (1 km across the Causeway). Check out the map by google mapping, McCallum Park, Victoria Park Western Australia 6100. The courts are located just next to the skate park next to canning highway and are impossible to miss.