Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Melbourne Autumn Polo Tournament May 30-31st
Billeting available

ACMC Polo Day 1

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No polo this Sunday

This Sunday, 26th April, Brad, Prawi and myself all have prior engagements so there will be no polo. Unless you can arrange a game amongst your selves.

The following Sunday will be polo as usual.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ACMC polo results


ACMC Polo Highlights (stolen from www.bikepolo.com.au ,thanks Damon)

This is the first year Bike Polo has featured at Messenger Championships in Australia.  Pickup was played late on Wednesday night after Melbourne players arrived in Perth.  Tournament Matches were played in Subiaco on Friday 9am - 12 noon and on Sunday 10am to 12 noon.  Pickup games were also played in the Speed Dome Inline Hockey Rink while Track events continued around the Court.

Bike Polo was a good complement to the ACMC this year, as it did not conflict directly with mainstay messenger events, and it maintained a good balance of structured tournament play and more informal pickup.


Teams Registered:

  • Top Centre (Ray, Pete and Damon, Melbourne)
  • Mdma (Corey, Lane and Alan Melbourne)
  • Pcp Pcp (Brad, Ash and Prawi Perth)
  • Team Rotation (Wall, Yohei and Alan Perth)
  • C*nt Sydney (Smokin’ Joe, Saffa and Lachlan, Sydney)
  • Adelaide Sluts (Doddsy, Lewis and Jamie, Adelaide)

Game 1:
Pcp Pcp def. Team Rotation
5 - 0

Game 2:
Top Centre def. Mdma
5 - 0

Game 3:
C*nt Sydney def. Pcp Pcp
3 - 2

Game 4:
Top Centre def. Adelaide Sluts
5 - 0

Game 1:
Pcp Pcp def Adelaide
5 - 4

Semi Final:
C*nt Sydney def Pcp Pcp
5 - 3

Top Centre def C*nt Sydney
5 - Pants (0)


Friday, April 10, 2009


Day one of the ACMC's was off to an early start at 9am, with the east coasters still recovering from flights and late night drinks. Games finally kicked off at 10, with 6 teams playing a knock out tournament. After 8 games of 10, maybe 11, the day was called.
Play will recommence tomorrow at Midvale Speedome at approximately 12pm. The venue is actually an inline skate rink in the centre of the track, so it shall be perfect for fast flowing games.
Heres just a tease of a pic. Be sure there will be more to come.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday Polo

Since the Melbourne boys are arriving tomorrow we thought some night polo should be in order.
BBQ at kingston ave at 5.30 ish then Polo at the colonnade at 7pm.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Polo Pictures 29/3/09

don't forget about the new location for next week

Pictures taken by Kaspar, stolen from his flickr


Sydney in the news

Newtown in da news

winter location

Last Sunday due to the beginning of Football season we discovered ourselves being kicked out of the colonade carpark. Apparently due to people parking on the lower levels, building management pays for staff to stare at cameras and harrass polo players.
Any hoo, 3 of us went on a scouting misson last night to find a new location. We found a basketball court on Brown st east perth which maybe good for the ACMC but doubtful for Sunday games due to being the only court in the area.
So our only option left for Sunday games is at 86 Thomas st West Perth, starting this weekend.