Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday Night Polo Again Yay!

We had a successful turn out and a lot of fun with extra sessions on last Thursday and on the Monday Public holiday so lets try again. RSVP for this Thursday. Please register or we'll have to call it off. Hope to see ya there

Friday, September 25, 2009

Monday Polo

So last nights session was awesome, started at 6:30pm and rapped it up at around 10:15pm so we were obviously having too much fun to care about the time.

This w/e is a long weekend so we're planning a Monday game, starting at around 3pm. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday session is on as usual, 3pm start till dark. Colonnade Carpark.

On another note, Liam has been coming down with his camera these past few weeks and has been taking some great shots! check out his flickr stream here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday Night Polo

"I'm gonna be a no show yet again due to other commitments but is anyone keen for a sneaky mid week game? Maybe Thurs night?

Pretty sure it's mid semester break too so you students should be free for polo!

- Monsieur Wally Wall."

Who's keen? 6 players and its a done deal.
I'm up for it!

RSVP via Facebook here

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent News

Where'd the Ball go?

So we've been getting a bit of media coverage lately.

Perth Cycle Polo has been mentioned in a few online articles, along with Brad's amazing radio appearance on 720 last week, where the beloved "toyota camry" was mentioned (inside joke). The presenters made the sport sound surprisingly brutal, however its not all that bad!

Polo isn't as brutal as it sounds, Ash has been riding his stealth alloy Raceline Record frame to polo for around a year now, it barely has a ding yet alone a scratch, and we can all agree that he doesn't go easy on it either. This is no guarentee though! Broken spokes, taco'd wheels and damaged pride are just a few examples of rare occurances.

Its hard to explain how fun polo is to play until you actually come down and play it yourself. The excitement you get from hitting a goal, blocking a ball or even tackling is awesome. In between games we just sit back, have a chat and sip down a beer.. (or non alcoholic beverages for those who are underaged).. or just water if you're me..

Anyway, Footy season is finally over we can now play in our "Summer Location" every week, and thats at the Colonnade Carpark. 3pm start till late every Sunday. I encourage anyone to come along and check it out!

Looking forward to Summer!

cya there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't see this everyday!

The ball literally entered through the other side of the wheel, went through the spokes, derailed the chain and got stuck in between the chainring and chainstay!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Polo 6/9/9

Polo is @ the top floor of the Colonnade this week. (6th)

Opposite Nandos on Hay Street, just before Rockeby road.

3pm start till dark.

Draft rules for Nationals

DRAFT rules announced for Nationals.

Based on Melbourne 2009 Rules and Current Practice.

Rules and Gameplay

Bike Polo is a game played in good spirit. The fewer rules and disruptions to play the better.
These rules are based on 2 years of bike polo in Melbourne. Keep it simple, keep it nice and keep playing polo.


  • Mallet handle and handle bar ends must be capped.
  • Exposed outer chain rings should be covered.
  • Helmets required for Tournaments/Championships
  • No t-boning/ramming. (Hitting the side of another bike with the front of yours)
  • Stop play in the event of injury
  • No mallet to body/bike contact.
  • No mallets above handlebars.
  • No throwing mallets.
  • No mallets under (malleting) or through wheels.
  • No dangerous mallet heads.


  • To start the game, referee calls 3,2,1 (Polo/Go/Kill etc).
  • Shuffling, dribbling and passing may be done with the side of the mallet.
  • Games are 10 or 15 minutes or first to 3 or 5 goals.
  • Games will be timed by the referee.


  • Like to like only contact is allowed: mallet on mallet, body on body (hip n shoulder, no grabbing), bike on bike (wheel on wheel).
  • Mallet hooking is encouraged.
  • Mallet hacking behind the play is not cool.
  • Moving picks/screening/shepherding is encouraged.


  • There are no special privileges or additional restrictions for goalies
  • Any player on a team may act as a goalie at any time

Footdown / Tapping In

  • If your feet touch the ground you cannot play the ball or obstruct other players untill you have tapped back in.
  • Kicking the ball on the ground counts as a dab.
  • Tap in points will be setup on either the boundary at the half line.

Airborne ball

  • You may punch, slap or swat (but not grab or kick) an airborne ball to the ground.


  • Shuffles do not count as a goal.
  • Scooping/Ball Jointing cannot be used to score
  • Shots on goal must be done with the end of the mallet to score.
  • You cannot feed yourself the ball through the goal then score or be in goals when scoring.
  • To ensure an adequate break in play after scoring, both teams to return to their halves.
  • Defenders cannot cross half till an attacker or the ball crosses half.
  • Defenders/spectators to keep goal cones correctly in place.
  • TO BE DETERMINED. Goals have a height limit of: (The Cones/1m/Handlebar Height/Shoulder Height/Infinite)
  • Own Goals count (Keep the ball out of your goals)

Out of bounds

  • Nearest player or preferably spectator to retrieve and return the ball to play by throwing gently without favour, not in front of goals.


  • Gameplay will stop for injury or mechanical failure resulting from a crash.
  • Gameplay will not stop for mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or equipment. Referees discretion applies.
  • A team may only substitute players in the case of injury, or at the referees discretion for other reasons.
  • It is the responsibility of the team playing to have a spare player, bike or wheels available for instant substitution.

Broken ball

  • When a ball breaks, the possessing player or spectator may stop play to replace the ball otherwise the ball will be replaced when a goal is scored or when it goes out of bounds.