Saturday, September 5, 2009

Draft rules for Nationals

DRAFT rules announced for Nationals.

Based on Melbourne 2009 Rules and Current Practice.

Rules and Gameplay

Bike Polo is a game played in good spirit. The fewer rules and disruptions to play the better.
These rules are based on 2 years of bike polo in Melbourne. Keep it simple, keep it nice and keep playing polo.


  • Mallet handle and handle bar ends must be capped.
  • Exposed outer chain rings should be covered.
  • Helmets required for Tournaments/Championships
  • No t-boning/ramming. (Hitting the side of another bike with the front of yours)
  • Stop play in the event of injury
  • No mallet to body/bike contact.
  • No mallets above handlebars.
  • No throwing mallets.
  • No mallets under (malleting) or through wheels.
  • No dangerous mallet heads.


  • To start the game, referee calls 3,2,1 (Polo/Go/Kill etc).
  • Shuffling, dribbling and passing may be done with the side of the mallet.
  • Games are 10 or 15 minutes or first to 3 or 5 goals.
  • Games will be timed by the referee.


  • Like to like only contact is allowed: mallet on mallet, body on body (hip n shoulder, no grabbing), bike on bike (wheel on wheel).
  • Mallet hooking is encouraged.
  • Mallet hacking behind the play is not cool.
  • Moving picks/screening/shepherding is encouraged.


  • There are no special privileges or additional restrictions for goalies
  • Any player on a team may act as a goalie at any time

Footdown / Tapping In

  • If your feet touch the ground you cannot play the ball or obstruct other players untill you have tapped back in.
  • Kicking the ball on the ground counts as a dab.
  • Tap in points will be setup on either the boundary at the half line.

Airborne ball

  • You may punch, slap or swat (but not grab or kick) an airborne ball to the ground.


  • Shuffles do not count as a goal.
  • Scooping/Ball Jointing cannot be used to score
  • Shots on goal must be done with the end of the mallet to score.
  • You cannot feed yourself the ball through the goal then score or be in goals when scoring.
  • To ensure an adequate break in play after scoring, both teams to return to their halves.
  • Defenders cannot cross half till an attacker or the ball crosses half.
  • Defenders/spectators to keep goal cones correctly in place.
  • TO BE DETERMINED. Goals have a height limit of: (The Cones/1m/Handlebar Height/Shoulder Height/Infinite)
  • Own Goals count (Keep the ball out of your goals)

Out of bounds

  • Nearest player or preferably spectator to retrieve and return the ball to play by throwing gently without favour, not in front of goals.


  • Gameplay will stop for injury or mechanical failure resulting from a crash.
  • Gameplay will not stop for mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or equipment. Referees discretion applies.
  • A team may only substitute players in the case of injury, or at the referees discretion for other reasons.
  • It is the responsibility of the team playing to have a spare player, bike or wheels available for instant substitution.

Broken ball

  • When a ball breaks, the possessing player or spectator may stop play to replace the ball otherwise the ball will be replaced when a goal is scored or when it goes out of bounds.

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