Monday, September 21, 2009

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Where'd the Ball go?

So we've been getting a bit of media coverage lately.

Perth Cycle Polo has been mentioned in a few online articles, along with Brad's amazing radio appearance on 720 last week, where the beloved "toyota camry" was mentioned (inside joke). The presenters made the sport sound surprisingly brutal, however its not all that bad!

Polo isn't as brutal as it sounds, Ash has been riding his stealth alloy Raceline Record frame to polo for around a year now, it barely has a ding yet alone a scratch, and we can all agree that he doesn't go easy on it either. This is no guarentee though! Broken spokes, taco'd wheels and damaged pride are just a few examples of rare occurances.

Its hard to explain how fun polo is to play until you actually come down and play it yourself. The excitement you get from hitting a goal, blocking a ball or even tackling is awesome. In between games we just sit back, have a chat and sip down a beer.. (or non alcoholic beverages for those who are underaged).. or just water if you're me..

Anyway, Footy season is finally over we can now play in our "Summer Location" every week, and thats at the Colonnade Carpark. 3pm start till late every Sunday. I encourage anyone to come along and check it out!

Looking forward to Summer!

cya there.


  1. I'm gonna be a no show yet again due to other commitments but is anyone keen for a sneaky mid week game? Maybe Thurs night?

    Pretty sure it's mid semester break too so you students should be free for polo!

    - Monsieur Wally Wall.

    Could someone with the correct inter web cyber technology maybe set this up as a post? I Can't log in from the site connection.

  2. Hey Wall.

    No problems.

    Thursday night sounds good, I'll try get in contact with everyone and sort something out.