Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AHBPC action

PCP vs Pink Panthers.

This was our final game and by far the most exciting. The game went to a tie breaker which went non stop. It was pouring with rain, making the court as slippery as ice. I was relegated to goalie through most of it and my heart was pumping like crazy throughout the game, some of the attacks Sydney made gave me mini heart attacks when it was 2v1. After some lucky blocks we continued playing our tie-breaker and it seemed like the game would never end. The rain was pouring heavily and Ash's brakes decided to fail at the worst possible time, making it impossible to stop quickly. There were falls left, right and centre, Brad had bruises in places unimaginable, and Ash had a bruised heel on one leg and a crook knee on the other, "I don't know which leg to limp on", he said. I fell halfway through the game and rolled my ankle, towards the end of the day it was looking like an egg!

In the end Steve (?), scored the final goal. Some of the crowd thought it was a shuffle, but PCP were happy not to contest and finish the game on a high. One of my favourite quotes for the weekend was "Polo was the Winner". Indeed it was, we had an awesome weekend watching, playing, and experiencing Melbourne culture. The cycling culture especially was amazing, cars gave you plenty of room and just seeing so many people out riding was great. Coming from Perth, seeing girls riding on old step through frames everywhere was like... wow. Hopefully that will rub off on Perth one day ;)

I'd like to give thanks to Melbourne Bike Polo Club for hosting it, its hard to imagine the amount of time and effort that was put in for the Championships. From setting up all the sponsorship to giving us food and shelter, it was all very much appreciated.

I think some people (including myself) forget why we started playing polo, and that was to have fun! We had lots of it, on and off the court. Undies reminded me of the old days in Perth, when we were still playing polo on our daily steeds and the phrase "Polo bike" was a foreign term. I'm looking forward to coming back to the courts, playing some pick-up, taking the brakes off and playing like we did in 2008 and just have some fun!

See you Sunday.



  1. Hi Prawi
    I think Locky scored the last goal. That game was my absolute favourite of the whole tournament - it was insane! Can't wait to play you guys again.

  2. I'm still buzzing 3 days later(it could be the bruising!). Looking forward to playing you guys again (with some luck it'll be raining).
    Thanks again Panthers what a way to get knocked out of the tournament, it couldn't have been done by friendlier bunch.