Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Becoming an incorporated association

Perth Cycle Polo is in the process of becoming a registered association (i.e. becoming incorporated in WA). One of the reasons we are doing this is to support our cause when it comes to dealing with government bodies. We are currently tossing up names but the most likely is Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo. For a summary of what becoming incorporated means, see this link.


  1. Just curious, but what's wrong with Perth Cycle Polo as the incorporated name? Also, doesn't AHBP fail to distinguish us as being from Perth/WA?

  2. I'm also wondering what the implications are by having that name on future associations in other states positive (national group under one name) or negative (?). Could this be discussed with other cities perhaps?
    Still this is a very interesting development!

    I'll be in Perth at the end of the month - I definitely want a tee shirt. Any smalls?

  3. Thanks for your comments. AHBP will be incorporated in WA so the official name will be Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Incorporated (WA), and it will only be recognized in WA. The process for becoming a national association is different and requires all states to adopt a single constitution (with a management committee and supporting documents and finances). If we decide to do this in the future nationally, there must already be a state registered association.

    Regarding the name PCP, one day we might be lucky enough to have a team outside of Perth (bunbury?) and want to include them. As for "cycle", the international practice has been to limit it to two wheels using "bike".

  4. Caff, I think we've sold out of the PCP shirts during nationals, they were a total hit! I'll ask Ash if he has any spare this week. Will you be bringing a bike over?

    +1 to everything Nick said :)

  5. awesome, thanks Nick for the clarification.

  6. Good move guys, we here in Christchurch NZ are an Incorporated Society and whilst it was a ton of paperwork to get it done we now have the ability to book our court and occupy the wonderful "Christchurch Polo Haus" beside our court. It also adds legitimacy to our dealings with local govt and sponsors for tournaments. Let me know if we can assist you guys in any way.

    Polo Camo

  7. Being incorporated and making like a club means you may lose some of the sense of street and edginess. But it also enables you to grab some funds for things as well as well as somelegal protection.

    The fire community in Perth still avoids this direction but it does make organising largish events to draw more people very difficult.

    It can be a long and tedious process so good luck to those who have to drive the process.

    (I'm looking forward to coming down, but I dislocated the shoulder (again) recently so...)