Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brizzy Accomadation

If Yohei can't get a deal from his work, how about a house? Here's some examples
5 star anyone?


  1. I'm in, turns out I will be back after all.

    Which means we'll need accomodation with twice the fridge space to fit my daily requirements of stout and whiskey.

  2. Ok,
    I’m inquiring about the mansion!

    It’s close to the courts, sweet as one of the only big places available at the moment. I’m assuming most other teams will be doing the same so getting in early would be best!

    I’m working on a head count of 8, Brad/Kristy/Derren/Ash/Tomo/Nick/Yohei/Wall, cost would be about $226p/p all up for a Friday check-in and Monday check-out total 3 nights. (

    If anyone’s not keen on this please give me the heads up asap.. 040 7295 781

  3. Go and book the f*cker I say.
    Team Perf will need room for all the talent being contained in one house.

    Also gives Tommo more room to play with his dinky cars.

  4. if someone chickens out, I'd be happy to fill in!

  5. I do like my dinky cars


  6. Ok........break through....
    Both places so far have been great to chat to, ok with us drinking beer and bbq’ing, can store your bikes in a locked shed/room/under house and can fit us in.
    Costs are reasonable and have shared facilities, kitchen/pool/bbq area/lounge

    Brisbane Manor Hotel -
    King Loft room consists of 1 King bed and 4 single beds which can be expanded on request with ensuite = 235p/n
    Triple room - consists of 1 double bed and 1 single bed with ensuite = 100p/n
    Ensuite rooms have the extra simple pleasures such as air-conditioning, shower and toilet.

    Im thinking two King loft rooms with ensuite??

    BOWEN Terrace -
    Four Bed Dorm – 30 p/p p/n
    Two Bed Dorm – 35 p/p p/n

    Aussie Way Hostel -
    Twin Room – 68 p/p p/n
    Dormitory 4-5 beds 26 p/p p/n

  7. The Manor is all booked, 2x twin rooms (2 ingles) and 2x triple rooms (1 Queen bed + 1 single bed) fully kitted out with bathroom/fridge/TV/linen/tea,coffee/Air Con @$90 per room per night
    I'll bring details to polo on Sunday if I haven’t got your details already!