Monday, May 10, 2010

PCP doc-o

PCP has hit celebrity status. Two weeks ago we had some students from Mount Lawley Senior High shoot a small assignment whist we played. Now students from Edith Cowan Uni are shooting a doco on us. Shooting started sunday just gone, but the majority will be shot this sunday the 19th after 6pm. The students are organizing lights so we can play a night game.

Weather permitting filming will take place at MLSH, but if it is raining we will move it to The Polonade. So bring your A-game and your stage make up.

Play will start at the usual time of 3pm.


  1. I got an email from one of the students asking if I would be the main character, saying that the rest of you bastards volunteered me! I guess I deserve it for leaving the game early...
    It will be good playing under decent lights though.

  2. Viva la polonade!!!!!!!!!
    Bring on the rain.

  3. Revision to start time folks, now starting at four due to the late finishing time.
    Bring ya bacon.
    - Wall