Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nationals Update

Day one of the National Polo Tournament started off beautiful and sunny but in an untypical kinda Melbourne way it ended with heavy rain.
With 18 teams and a round robin style there are alot of games to be played. Today we played 7. We lost 2, drew 2 and won 3. We got a bit of a tough early draw, coming up against some of the better teams. 2 of our games we played on a very wet and slippery court.
We are fairing well, tho tomorrow we will be playing 9 more games and then hopefully, the finals which maybe another 5 games.
Beers have been rationed and carefully monitored, there is no room for drunken polo here.
There is a great crew here and it is awesome to be amoungst so many polo players.

More updates later and some pics when i get home and have a chance to dump a million pics from my camera.

Team Piss Corner Polo.

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  1. Good start PCP, how did you go on Sunday? Maybe we should have done some wet court training!