Monday, March 30, 2009

New location?

Well another great turn out this weekend, Tho we had one unwanted attendee, the building manager.
So the venue has been shut down for now. With the ACMC's approaching very quickly there will be a mad scramble to find a new venue. If you are keen, there is a reconnaissance mission leaving from Kingston ave in West Perth at about 5.30 Tuesday night. Call, text, comment or email if you are keen to come.


  1. Theres a nice carpark at Broadway in Crawley, near UWA. Would be pretty good for polo, but i'm not sure whether it would be empty on a sunday.

  2. Sorry to hear you got busted.

    City Farm has a large "barn" good for day and evenings. It may be an option if you get stuck but I expect there will be some charge, nomnal or otherwise. It is adjacent to the Claisebrook railway station, shops nearby but eateries may not be very cheap.

    Colin OldnCranky (one of the unicyclists)