Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purposed Perth Cycle Polo Rules


Apparently regulation court size is a single tennis court, we’ve been using a larger area. A basketcourt size makes for better game play. The goals on each end are marked by 2 witch's hats at 1.2m apart.


Recommendations are;

The bicycle should be single-speed, either fixed or a free-wheel with a single brake.

Anything used to prevent the ball from going between the 2 wheels is not allowed.

For safety, it is also stressed that handlebars should be shorter than 50cm and must be plugged.

• No time limit. First team to 5 wins. 
• Teams consist of 3 players.
• The Mallet maybe held in either the right or left hand and must remain in the same hand for the entirety of the game: no switch hitters.
• To start the game or after a goal is scored, the ball is centred. A count-off of “3, 2, 1, POLO!” is given, and teams sprint like hell from their goal line to try to take control of the ball before the other team does.
• The ball is ALWAYS IN PLAY unless a goal is scored.
• The living dead are not permitted to play, neither are the grateful dead.
• A goal is scored ONLY if an attacking player strikes the ball with the end of his/her mallet and the ball goes between the witch's hat from the front. If the ball is hit with the flat side of the mallet ("a shuffle") the shot will NOT count and the play will continue. If the ball is deflected off a defenders bike or mallet the goal counts.

  • Like contact allowed: mallet on mallet, bike on bike (but no t-boning) and body on body. But no pushing or grabbing. 
  • Keep your mallet below handlebar height, watch your backswing,  “hooking” another player’s mallet is allowed.
  • • A player may throw their mallet in order to try to block a goal ONLY, just don’t kill anyone (and don’t throw mallets into wheels, “Simon”). Abandoned mallets may be smacked for six, this is encouraged.
    • If a player touches the ground (“foot down”) then that player must touch a witches hat at the centre of the court on either side, with their mallet before returning to play. The player may NOT contact the ball or any other player with his/her body or mallet until returning to play and must attempt to not interfere with play.

    • An impartial judge is required in order to settle goal arguments, score and count in the start of the game. The judge is encouraged to wear a bikini and keep the esky full.

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